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Sir Ive takes creative control of UI

11 November 2012 | Dave Smith

News on the Apple vine (sorry, bad pun) has it that Sir Jonathan Ive has taken creative control of UI as well as product design over at Apple.

Funnily enough this was something that was discussed only a few days earlier in the Spriing studio when speaking about the iPhone’s slightly ageing interface. Strangely coincidental we know!

The question everyone is asking though is whether or not it’s a good thing, though what some people seem to overlook when answering this, is how much of Jonathan’s life has been devoted to Apple.

It goes without saying, UI design is a completely different bag to designing products, but perhaps that’s more from a hands on point of view. Conceptually Ive’s creative mind is no doubt more capable than any for the job.

The product and the interface of Apple’s most popular devices need to work as one, so who better than the mind behind the product, with the experience and involvement he has to steer forward the UI with it.

Currently, as simple and intuitive as the interface may be on the likes of the iPhone and Apple’s other touch devices, it hasn’t changed since it arrived… well, not that you’d notice. It’s latest features could be looked at more like after thoughts that have been bolted on in order to keep up or not be out done by the likes of ever changing Android and Windows devices. The design style is quite heavy and texture based compared to the sleek, modern stylings of it’s hardware that contains it, so you could say it is in need of a refresh.

So we see it as an exciting time for both Apple and its fans. There’s no mistaking the following and respect Jonathan Ive has and we’re sure everyone will be waiting eagerly come the next future developments. Whatever they are, you know the reviews will always be mixed, change is scary and the adoring Apple fans will either welcome it with open arms or complain to the high heavens.

Let’s just hope he pushes things forward as we’d expect, and as App enthusiasts and producers ourselves we’re feeling positive that hopefully this change will allow us to create and develop even more exciting and engaging interfaces in our next big projects.

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